Monday, November 7, 2016


Change. It's brings anxiety for me. And perhaps much of that is understandable. It has been a long few years of constant change. It began on a Thursday afternoon and feels like it hasn't stopped since. It's like a roller coaster you can't get off. And I've lost a lot. But I have gained ten fold. And as much as I let the waves of worry sweep over me I was reminded yesterday. I went shopping. I was hesitant. But I needed some things. I saw someone I hadn't seen in a few years. Our children were the reason we knew each other. She was asking about things. And I found myself talking frankly about the last few years. Some things she had no idea. And the conversation ended with her saying she admired what I had come through and looked how it made me strong. Yes. I took note that as I spoke of the past, they were words telling of God's faithfulness. They were resonating right back into my own soul of how far He has brought me. And the thing that caught my attention was how those old wounds really have healed. To speak of all the things with no tears, no pain, just a sharing of what I walked, has never happened in that way. No anger. No upset. Just a recount of how things aren't always perfect. But that God's grace is. The words reminded me that even when I have no idea of the outcome, He uses all things. Because I am His child. On the good days and the hard days and the days I fall way short. I. Am. His. As I am facing such an unknown coming my way, this week I'll be reminded of my word. The one that found me so very long ago. And it will be my focus this week. Thankful. 

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