Sunday, August 13, 2017

Open Hands and Being Still

Its been quite the summer.  One of losing things, things I clung too for quite sometimes because, well....You promised....and if His promises don't look like I believe they should then what?  Because not one of them fails.  And I know what He said.  All those many years.  But this has been of season of my prayers being answered with open your hands..... Its terrifying to me.  But I did.  One drop, one step, one mustard seed of faith....And I see Him.  I see all the new and can't imagine how He's gonna bring any of it to pass.  But as He pulls me more and more into the quiet and I shout these desperate prayers, He answers.....when I settle in to the stillness and I listen.  Every little thing. A faith that is tested is a sure faith.  A solid faith.  Where else would you run when you already know Who to run to?  Because you have been  And those waves they take you over momentarily, but then you remember.....Each time the branch is cut back it grows again, stronger, more able than before.  Wiser, bearing more of the fruit He planted deep inside it's own DNA.  Open up your hands....because you have to let go to be filled anew.  Thankful.

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