Saturday, September 26, 2015


These are days like the ones a few years back, where everything was stripping away. All that was familiar and known to me. And I tried to hold on with all my might. And it was a process, but He showed me how to let go. How to live with open hands. And there was a humbling I had never known. And it was down right ugly. But it was the process that would change me from the inside out. It was the thing that He used to bring out the girl I truly am. I'm going through that same process again. But I'm not the same as I was then. I see His hand and I know that moving into the unknown is the only way. It's not about what I can do. It's about what He chooses to do with my life. I can make all the plans I want but He guides my steps. In a split second it all can change and rest assured it had nothing to do with me or my efforts. He asks for obedience. And then sometimes asks you to simply walk away, not knowing why that was necessary. Not knowing its purpose. Until suddenly. It all falls into place and you are looking around thinking you just never could have imagined. I start a new position Monday at the job I love desperately. And I have gotten a lot of advice. And a lot of are you scareds....but I'm not. He opened a door. And I chose to walk through it. Fear could have held me in my comfort zone. But fear and I are on much different terms these days. Thankful. 

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