Saturday, February 20, 2016

5 Minute Friday- Forget

Forget.... Forget the former things He has been saying. All the new things they have indeed been springing up. But what I find is that as I walk into the new those old things flood back. And I remember. And the fear grips me hard. And for just one moment it sinks in and I think I can't possibly walk even one step that way again. And then He whispers....forget. New things springing up. Ray burst forth. And it's the bursting I think that takes me by surprise, yes. Fearful of new because quite honestly, new wasn't always good. Yet He worked it for my good. And I find myself in this place of forgetting while still trying to remember all His goodness. New things are born from pain. Thankful.


  1. New starts can be scary. You can do it! Wishing you the best

  2. Always remember that His mercies are new every morning Great is His Faithfulness. I am kind of your neighbor #85. Blessings Diana The verses are found in Lamentations 3: 22-24

  3. He will indeed work all things to your good, friend. I pray for you to have courage and the strength you need.

    ~#89 at FMF