Saturday, February 6, 2016


It's a quiet, cold Saturday morning. I slept much later than I anticipated. But that's ok. It's been one of those weeks where you were just glad to get to Friday and take a breath. I can feel the tension go as I sit here and realize I'm not on a schedule this morning. I love the quiet of the mornings. Everything still settled in. This weekend is a flurry of activity. And that's beautiful. Filled with excitement. This year has already brought so much change, so much new. Already into the second month. And this year He has pushed me well out of my comfort. Well out of any hint of routine. I struggle with that. It's hard for me to embrace. Yet I trust Him. There is no perfect, but there is  the ability to love and serve those around you. And as that changes too, I find He has to change my heart yet again to adapt. New levels, new people, new sandpaper..... New levels of smoothing off rough spots before we go onto the next round. A work in progress. But it progress all the same. He still working. Thankful. 

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