Sunday, February 14, 2016

In the 4th Year

It is the fourth year. That somehow has its own significance. This was the fourth year of my very first long run. My first race. I remembered that morning well. And I smiled as I hit the snooze button on my alarm. This year, the new ones were joining me. I was the one who had been there before. I would take them with me. This year brought challenges to my run I had never encountered. And they filled my mind. It affected my entire journey. This run was not pleasant. I didn't leave it all on the road. I carried it with me. And it was heavy. It made things difficult at best. But at the end, because good or bad I did finish, for the first time ever in this crazy journey, I wasn't there alone. For the first time ever, one was there to greet me with a kiss and say good job. I have always been the single girl. Always been the tag along since I began this journey and running became a part of my life. But not this time. Not in the 4th year. And I realized that sometimes we get something other than what we believed was the right answer. How will we love in that circumstance. Will we take what we are given, see it as God's best, and love with all our hearts??  Will we accept what He takes and realize that perhaps it is His best. For each of us. He promised to fill this space again. He promised me. I had visions. So did He. And I was surround yesterday with brand new. As hard as my run was, something beautiful met me at the end. What I had always wanted. My own person waiting for me. So it was in fact, the best run ever. Thankful.

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