Saturday, April 19, 2014


These last couple weeks have been shaky at best. Not one stone left unturned. Again. I'm not so frightened as I was before though. No. He exposes weak spots and I continue to walk through this. Because the truth is something is very different. I'm different. And the furnace has a way of strengthening things once the unnecessary is shaken off. Truth is, running 13.1 miles changed me. He waited until now, yes. The hardest leg of this crazy journey. He wanted to show me what happens when one tiny little girl says yes. When one whisper accepts and she finds her words. Her own voice. I was not excited about Easter. I haven't been really for the last couple years. Painful days of remembering. So I prayed about what to do. And He showed me. And I loved it. And so again this year, He brought opportunity my way. And I realized the verse.... Double for your trouble. Two fold blessings. I was down to just two, then He brought me two more. This year two more again. Six. Beautiful blessings to care for, yes He did. And so I remember what it's all about really. God is in the business of multiplication when we let Him have His way. One gave His life so that many could live. Thankful.

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  1. Pondering His blessings, even in the pain, so good to do. Because I think I am starting to see they seem to go hand in hand. May your Easter be blessed.