Sunday, June 8, 2014

5 Minute Friday - Hands

Joining Lisa Jo and the girls.  5 minutes, no edits or re-writes and love those that came before...

I'm reminded how God meets needs before they ever exist. He puts His girls together in ways that hold fast and one who is a little up ahead is there to whisper to the one just beginning. Lend me your hand baby girl....I'll hold you up. You see someone has to go first. Someone has to learn to be the hand holder. Someone has to say yes. And more often than not it is messy and ugly and the worst kind of pain you can imagine. But those are the hands that rescue. Those are the hands that will do battle and believe for the impossible. Those hands.....they were molded by The Hands....and He puts to use all those things that whispered they would destroy us. Indeed, those very things made us able. His hands changed everything. Thankful. 

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