Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Four Letter Words

I keep writing but it seems I'm afraid of my own words. Funny how fear creeps in and settles. It makes it so hard to see all the good when you are in the middle of something that blindsides you. And I think, if for no other reason than to keep fear from catching hold, I remind myself to hold fast to what I do know. Hold fast to what I do believe. Hold fast to what God has promised me. Never will He leave. Never will He forsake. I say never sometimes. It's an abrupt word. And very difficult to hold fast to. But when God says it, sometimes I have a hard time believing that He is capable of it. Will You really NEVER leave? NEVER forsake? Because those promises haven't been kept too often in my own life. Save one. Him. And so I just have to cling. Cling to what is true. Cling to the good that He promises. Even when all that is in me screams that it's a lie. Even when I want I run away. Fear keeps me up at night. And facing it is the only way through it. No fear. No. Thankful. 

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