Friday, August 28, 2015

5 Minute Friday - Alone


Day 1. Again. And I know somehow it's very different. The way this whole journey began, yeah it ended the same way. Only different. I was doing the same thing I was when it started. Only this time it was evening and I was talking easily with friends. On my birthday. And there was peace. And I was settled. And I was reminded. And that door quietly shut. And I woke up to new. A new day one. And Thursday was redeemed again. Yes. It has been a day that has brought more pain and tragedy than I can wrap my head around. But on a simple Thursday I said goodbye to all the old. And I'm letting myself say I don't have to have all this new stuff figured out. Because this time I'm not alone. Not at all. And that is a beautiful gift. Thankful.


  1. Your sentences are short but hold such weight. I read them through several times. Thank-you so saying something real and true to you.