Sunday, August 2, 2015

5 Minute Friday - Try

Try.... And those words were not ones I was ready to hear. It was a day that brought the hardest of news and a door closed that I had no control over. An ending. Yet it was also as day that brought unexpected, good news. An door opened. And I left one place and let myself enter another. How often along this road has He whispered it to me. On the hard days. On the toughest days. On the days when I wondered if I would ever see goodness again. Yes. Try. One more time. And so I did. And it changed everything. The greatest of blessing is usually unseen. Never dreamed it. Never saw it coming. Yet here I am. Here I am. Because I learned to become unafraid to try. Because even if I failed, not trying would have been a worse fate. Thankful. 

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