Monday, August 17, 2015


I feel like everything has literally given way. Like it all has just busted wide open and there is no stopping it. I've tried and tired for days to piece all these words together. They all have meaning. Just not together. The seasons are shifting again. And I feel it. More in my soul than anything else. Because it's not just the season shifting, no. It everything within and around me. Coming back to places I'd much rather not. Facing those things I had hoped grace and love had covered. Buried. But He leaves nothing undone. He doesn't. I think there just comes a time when you say enough. And you have to stand up straight and face that bully head on. Because it just won't stop. Until you stand your ground and go toe to toe with it. And I have packed my share in this bag, yes. And its being upacked. One by one. Because I am not taking this junk with me where I'm goin. There is no future in it. And quite honestly, I'm tired of carrying this around. At some point you have to look it in the face, let it be seen for what it is and put it in God's hands yes. And that sounds lovely and like the good girl thing to do, but there is that still water running just beneath the surface. Do I believe not only that He can but that He will? Do I believe Him? In one second it all changed. One second. He said that to me years back. He would restore those years, those locust years. And as fast as it seemed to be coming down, it also seemed to be coming right back around. Yes. Thankful. 

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