Sunday, July 20, 2014


Funny where He meets you. For me many times it involves cutting the grass. Sitting here in my space seeing so much still undone....feeling so much still undone....He always shows up. And it gets quiet. Maybe because I let myself just stop to take a breath. And He fills this space. This space that has held me through it all. And I see the beauty of its imperfections. Perhaps it's a bit like me. Maybe I'm ok going between two churches right now. Because one, it saved me and the other gives me something else I'm needing too. Maybe right now it's less about how many times I can make it there and more about how many times my drives to and from work become worship for me. Each season is different. Maybe I just need to let all this settle in. Because I'm learning even when we get it all wrong, it's not. I confused dates, which is soooo not me. And the last time this happened God was moving big. So with wet hair and mascara I ran as fast as I could. Even if for a little while. And they loved me as if I had never been away for such a long time. And I loved them right back. And maybe those are the places God moves in and heals, those deep hurts that we don't even remember exist.  Sometimes we need to know that we can come to the party, even if it's late, even without our best face and perfect hair....we are loved just the way we come.  Sometimes you don't know you needed healing until you walk away different. Changed.  Thankful.