Monday, July 28, 2014

Wherever You Go

Joshua 1:9

It greets me every morning.  It’s the first one I received.  It was a verse that I had whispered often.  It’s one that reminds me day in and day out, He’s with me.  On the days I don’t see it and on the days I do.  When I don’t feel it and when I know He is right beside me.  On the days I feel like I’m sprinting and also on the days when giving up feels like the right thing to do.  That letter in the mail, the written words, time spent thinking of someone you may not even know.  Yet God placed them in your path for just that moment.  To share your words, to be a messenger, to bring a smile…or maybe the words that just might change everything.  Yes, His Word does not return void sweet sister and not one of us is ordinary.  His word shared over and over means so many different things to the one who receives it.  A word in season from one to the next, planting seeds wherever it might land.  Thankful.

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