Saturday, August 9, 2014

5 Minute Friday - Fill


I know this place of empty well. This past week found me emptied out on every level. Hollowed. Not whole. And so I found myself this morning going through the motions. Battling my emotions. Knowing what to do but surely not wanting to. So I kept on praying. And when I say pray I mean spitting out the only words that are making their way out of me. I just don't know what to do.....yeah, there are times when I loose my words. But not like before. I haven't lost my voice. There's a difference. I made my way to the hair dryer. Still don't want to do this. And as I'm thinking things over again and again, I hear it. My heart says what I already know....I'm not a quitter. I worked to hard to get to this place. I'm not leaving now.....and it had nothing to do with my struggle and everything to do with it all at the same time. And He begins to fill this empty shell of mine. I am going to the place where my words aren't necessarily needed. They know me. They have seen all my ugly and they still love me anyways. I opt for powder and mascara today. I don't have to pretend to put on my best face. I can just recieve, just let Him fill. Thankful. 

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