Thursday, August 7, 2014


His grace is made perfect in my weakness. How true. How much He is showing me lately. The thing that I always believed defined me does not. The way I have always done things, I can't. The things I have always accepted, don't hold anything for me anymore. So here I am. Battling all these feelings and insecurities. It was during a treadmill conversation He spoke. I was so tired and if I was going to finish and stay the course, I would have to walk. I hate to walk. It feels like giving up. But to keep running and do it my way would have meant I could not finish. And so I slowed myself. And we began our conversation. And it revealed words my soul needed to hear so badly. You were the first choice for this..... I was chosen. First choice. And more was spoken to me through those words than the surface held. Slow down and you will hear Me. Walk beside, not run ahead. You are the first choice. My choice. Thankful. 

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