Saturday, September 27, 2014

5 Minute Friday - Because

I've been writing, just don't hit publish so much.  Not for lack of anything other than rarely do I get to sit down at my computer these days.  And quite honestly, most days it's just a battle to get the words out and not feel weary of hearing them.


Because I have been lost, because I have failed, because I have been weak and unable to pray for myself. Because I have lied, cheated and stolen too. Because I have felt the fear the panic and the pain. Because I have tried to fill that void with lesser things. Because I have coveted. Because I have fallen short over and over and over again. Because I know what happens when I come to the end of myself and God takes over. Because I know what grace and forgiveness can do to a life. How it changes everything. Because it is what He asked of me. Because it is what He does for me daily. Thankful.

Five Minute Friday - 4

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