Thursday, September 4, 2014

Book Review: What Your Heart Needs For The Hard Days by Holley Gerth

I smiled when the book arrived. It arrived on the day that began a series of very hard days. My girl was excited. She opened it. She has been facing some hard days too. Seemed this is what both our hearts would need. There are times when just a word, just a hand, just a hug....can change everything. Not even in big and grand ways, but in solid truths. They can give the ability to take a deep breath and take another step. Dust ourselves off and keep going. Holley's words in this devotional are just that. Words of friendship on the hard days. They don't try and explain away the difficulties or the tears or the pain. They reach down into it with God's truth and say come on friend, here's my hand. We will do this together. The 52 entries give you enough for a year of devotions or if you are like me, one a day seems the better fit. Whatever you choose, her wisdom and the strength of her words will ring true in whatever season of life you find yourself facing today. 

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