Saturday, September 20, 2014


It was a chunk. I noticed. But you know how you think, maybe it's me?? Maybe it's not really there. Not as bad as I'm thinking. It's fine.....but it was still missing. No matter how I washed or straightened or parted or twisted. It wasn't right. And I tried for 3 whole days to make it right. And so because that nagging set on top of me for said three days I took a picture and texted her. What do you think? Can you look at it?  Come, she said. So I did. And I sat down and she began the cutting away. And the panic set it. I couldn't let it stay like it was. I couldn't stop now either. I eventually ended up with about 6 inches gone and more face framing than I have had in a while. But the thing is it cut away all of the dead stuff. All of the pieces that I held on to because even if I don't always admit it, I let it define me. There is such the parallel here with what I am walking in my life. She didn't mean to cut a chunk. She is fabulous :) but had I settled in and held on because I was afraid, I wouldn't have had peace. My hair feels short!! But it feels healthy. And it looks a million times better. I wouldn't have been able to choose that on my own. Sometimes He has to force us out into an uncomfortable place so we can let go. So the new that comes will be healthy and beautiful. Thankful. 

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