Monday, September 1, 2014


Seems to be a theme for me this year. Day ones and back rounds and solid foundations. My girl turned 18 she did. Day one for real so many years ago. I couldn't believe she was real. That she was mine. God promised. He told me about her. And then she came. 

I have been so anxious this month. So much I didn't want to face yet again. But I did. And He met me. And He changed me. Then He tested me yet again. Still I hear His promises. Yesterday was not what I expected. It was more. It was solid. It was what is left when the furnace burns hot. It is the foundation left standing. The people He brings back around. The ones He put there. 

Today is a decade ago that my life changed forever. That is hard for me to grasp. I loose my words. I can't quite say I wish I could change it. Because I would not want to loose one single person I have met along the way. Maybe this was the only way to get to them. Maybe the family you begin with will not be the only ones you end with. And maybe you have to walk the dirt roads to find them. Thankful. 


  1. You've been on my heart so much lately, sweet friend. Thank you for these beautiful words and the reminder that His plan for us might look different than we think it should, but the journey can still be so good. Thinking of you, praying, and sending hugs! I'm so grateful for you...and someday soon, I owe you an update. The words have been few, but I haven't forgotten about you, I promise! :)

    1. Thinking of you often too :) and sometimes it does take all we have to keep the words moving. I understand. I hope to sit down soon again with pen and paper. I miss it so much! And get a few things in the mail. Love you!