Friday, April 17, 2015


It's the week I lost my peace. Everything was on track. I thought I knew the answer. And then I didn't. It was a week of words a week of do overs and right back rounds. It was a week that I had to choose. It was a week I had to fight back my fear. And it gripped every part of me. What is the answer and how do I make this work? What do I do? And the only answer I got was be still. Be still. And it came, very quietly. In when I didn't expect it. And my heart filled to overflow and I did that thing that I was made to do. I loved. Because that's my answer. That's who I am. That's where my peace is. And when I try to be anything else I struggle under the burden of striving, of lack, of never enough. And when He says eyes on Him, it's just not about me. And then I am able. And then the real words come and the healing comes and the fear goes. Because the greatest fear is loosing my words. Letting the wrong things take over and use them up. I will never regret I love you. I will never regret kindness. I will never desire to take that back. And He gives them when I let Him. And they are life giving. Thankful. 

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