Friday, April 3, 2015

5 Minute Friday - Good

Good. I want to believe it. I want to believe Romans 8:28, that in all things, yes even this, He is working it out for my good. Yet I'm struggling. With myself, circumstances, even my words. Even they seem to want to bring anything but good these days. He reminded me of His goodness a couple days ago. I had chosen something for someone else instead of myself. And I was fine with that. I decided to let the other go and that was that. And quite unexpectedly, the very thing I wanted showed up in the locker at the gym. Thank you.... They said. And the gift was more than a gift. He sees the hearts desire and gives it. He desires good for His children. Later He filled it to overflow. This is the same thing I do each week. And yet there was leftover. And she came asking can you spare some? And there was extra. Where there shouldn't have been. His goodness. His mercy. And I'm looking for good where there seems to be none in sight. I need to believe. I need to hope against hope that this is not the end. And I realize there were others that Friday. The others that saw the dream die. That saw what was good all but vanish before their eyes. How can good come from this horrible place? Even though they had seen things, miracles with their own eyes. They had heard the words, His words with their own ears, this seemed to erase it all. The good was no longer. Yet it was this very thing on this very day that would bring goodness into the land of the living.Death for life. The temporary grave for the eternal. Good things often come in bad packages. Thankful. 

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