Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Behind The Scenes - Two

Joining Crystal Stine and the girls today for Behind The Scenes....

These two.  Two.  A double blessing. They don't care about my past, all my mistakes, all the things I may or may not have completely screwed up.  They just love me.  They love me grumpy or happy, on good hair days and bad (this has been tested), sick or well, thin and not so thin, when I had a little, when I had a lot. They hold up a mirror of my words and reactions and repeat them back to me....they celebrate my victories with me...they don't care that I'm STILL in college and at this rate, who knows which of the three of us might finish first....

They remind me who I am.  Who He made me to be if I am lost and can't find my way.  They have been my only reason to crawl out of bed at times.  They silence their critics who ask why their mom still makes their lunch and one secretly dreams of ways to still have this done while attending college :) They circle round on the hard days, they hug and smile and steal all the candy so no one else can find it.  They remind me that not everything I have done in life turned out bad.  They are amazing.  They have been the thread that binds so many together, especially when we were all coming apart at the seams.  These two......Thankful.


  1. I love this post. I hear moms of little ones always saying what a blessing those babies are (and I know they are) but our grown or growing up kids are also such a BLESSING !!

  2. This post is beautiful! I can relate to your statement, "They have been my only reason to crawl out of bed at times." I love your transparency. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Oh, goodness, this makes me all weepy. I love it. So true that they bless us more than we ever thought possible. Your heart just shines here, friend...love you! (((hugs)))