Saturday, November 9, 2013


John 12:24-25
24 I tell you the truth: unless a grain of wheat is planted in the ground and dies, it remains a solitary seed. But when it is planted, it produces in death a great harvest. 25 The one who loves this life will lose it, and the one who despises it in this world will have life forevermore. 

Someone has to go first.  Someone has to be the one to give it a try.  Someone has to say there are more important things that just what I want and what I need and what I feel.  There is no manual for the right way other than His Word.  Someone has to be brave enough to say I may loose everything, but have the hope that what He says is true.  The death of something can bring a great harvest.  I've seen it in my life.  I seen my choices reap a harvest of destruction and I have seen my choices reap a harvest of blessing.  And I guess it's when you stand at the edge of it all, knowing you have done your very best, doubt creeps in.  You just have to go about what He calls you to and wait.  Wait to see what comes from the seeds you have sown.  Wait to see what the rains and the dying of what was put into the ground will produce.  Believing that what He spoke was true, is true.  So perhaps another might look at it all and say...I will try too...Thankful.

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