Monday, November 4, 2013


Daniel 10:12 The Voice 
Messenger: 12 Do not be afraid, Daniel. From the very first day that you began to pursue understanding and humble yourself before your God, your words have been heard. I have been sent in response to what you’ve said.

There are times I do wonder, God, do You even hear me?  I have been reading the book of Daniel and in the 10th Chapter, Daniel had been fasting an mourning and praying.  For three weeks.  That is a long time. How often do I feel like this place I am in has been an extended stay holding cell.  My prayers seem unanswered, in fact, all seems way too quiet for my own comfort.  My comfort.  Sometimes in the grand scheme of this, I forget what it is I asked, what it is I prayed and what it is I said I would do.  He heard me long ago.  He heard the weakest, quietest whisper of a girl desperate to find her way back.  And I believe that one word was what He was waiting on.  One word brought Him running.  Sometimes the response to our requests seems unanswered, when in fact it's just delayed.  If you read a bit further in the chapter the reason for the delay to Daniel was given.  And it had nothing to do with him or his prayers.

He hears and He sees.  He knows and we are known.  Nothing is hidden from His sight or from His knowledge.  That's hard to remember when the humbling comes and He asks us to submit to His will.  When we see nothing up ahead, when we don't feel anything, when all seems like it's going down the drain, when we come back to the place of small.  But I know the girl I am is not the girl I was a year ago.  I know what He has done may not seem visible, but when I trace His hand on my life it is big and broad and all encompassing.  What is hidden will come to light.  That can either strike fear in our hearts or make us wait with beautiful anticipation.  I have felt both things.  Embarking on the new is quite honestly terrifying for me. Yet here I am again, and that just means He's not done.  Thankful.

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