Saturday, March 16, 2013

My God Sized Dream

So I've been following my God Sized Dream .  Holly Gerth  just published a book about it and many amazing women are writing about theirs.  Today they shared what God is calling them to....and as I read it I knew, God was whispering for me to speak it.  To say out loud all those hidden dreams, to speak them into life, outside of the protective inner spaces of my heart where I only talk to Him about them.  Confess these dreams He has given me.  Say what He has called me to.  And then watch Him take me and my dreams to places I never could have imagined.

I have always been a writer.  Always.  It's like breathing to me.  And even if the only person it ever impacts is me, I have to do it.  When I ran from it....for 7 years.....I was miserable.  This past year putting pen to paper and now blogging again, my heart feels whole.  There are days when I have to get it out and the words seem jumbled and make no sense.  Until I read it later.....and I think God, You did it again!!  Where did that come from??  Writing, speaking, the things I have done for a very long time, they are a dream of mine, but not my God Sized dream.  They are a part of it, but my hearts desire.....

Is to be a wife...again
To be a mommy....again
To use this testimony that He is working out in my life...for restoration of others
And to become what I have desperately always wanted to encourager

That is what He speaks to me over and over.  And I want it.  All of it.  For His glory and to serve others the way that He called us to.

Wow.  That felt big :) And not so scary after all.....Dream big baby girl.  Amazing things happen when you least expect it.

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  1. Wow! You are so incredible, so brave! You feel Him calling and pulling you and you're not afraid to let the world know! You are such an encourager to me. You are helping me restore 'me'. To see that I'm fine just the way God made me. You are girl! Love you!