Tuesday, March 5, 2013

When A Dream Becomes A Reality

I had a situation in my life, something I wanted desperately, but never dreamed it would be a reality when I saw how much the cost would be.  I seemed unattainable, out of reach and in all honesty, what I was told I needed was not how I envisioned it.  Mostly because it made it even more unatainable.  So I dreamed.....there was just no way it was ever going to be a reality.  But part of me......oh part of me, just would not give up.  In the middle of my darkest days, that dream actually became a reality.  It was difficult and I look back now and think how in the world did I manage to do that??  It was my dream.  And no price I had to pay was to steep when I was given this once in a lifetime chance.  Nothing was going to stand in my way.  And nothing did. 

About a year later, I had the chance to talk with someone who walked the same path as mine, with less than happy results.  I was very happy with my choice, but didn't realize just how unhappy I would have been if I would have tried to take the easy way out and get what I thought I wanted all because I was fearful.  I had the chance to dream big and I jumped.

I'm faced with the chance once again to dream big.  And I'm jumping.  I have no idea how in the world God will ever make this work, but He's God, and that's not my job.  It's my job to trust and obey and dream.....big.....amazing....impossible.  But I'm reminded every day that the impossible is made reality more often than we realize with a God that knows no bounds.

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  1. With God all things are possible! I could never even begin to dream what He can do. I'm excited for you girl. Keep looking up!