Friday, March 29, 2013

Why Friday's Are Good

It's been a little while.  At one point I began to question.  This is a long silence Lord.  I think sometimes that is necessary to get yourself back to a point where you can hear Him.  He's been leading....I, following, but still, at one point I wondered, where are You?  And He said "Come here".  Lay it all down, let go for a while.  Be still. 

Today, I was so ready for it.  And so I did just what He asked of me, and He took care of everything around me while I rested.  He does that you know.  Takes care of everything.  Our wants our desires our needs, and it seems that when we finally throw our hands up in the air and say oh forget it! Take it God, I need a break!  Everything we struggled with, He handles flawlessly in the blink of an eye.  Where we end, He begins. 

Today, He gave me a staggering reminder of what He has been saying to me for the past 443 days.  My Way.  My Time.  God's timing is ALWAYS perfect.  He led me to the story of Lazarus last year.  I could relate on many levels.   Mostly the "if You had just been here God You could have saved the day" part. 

But He knew.  He received word.  And He waited.  He waited.   You know they had to have been in full on panic.  He loves us!  He cares for us!  WHERE IS HE??? This makes no sense! Why haven't we heard from Him??  Haven't we done what we were supposed to do? To call for Him, to trust Him, to obey? I have been at that point.  What now Lord?  I did exactly what You asked.  And I'm left with ashes.  What now?  Why didn't you save it?  What was the point?

The point was to show His power, His glory who HE is, not what we do.  He is the God of miracles.  He's the God of Resurrections.  And as I read further, I can say those feelings and words have been my own.  God, it's dead.  DEAD.  Over.  You didn't make it in time.  But I think just as He allowed Lazarus to die, and be dead for a time, it made the miracle all that more, well, a miracle.  There was NO denying God when He moved.  None.  There was no question that a death had occurred.  And then He took what was completely lost, and breathed new life into it.  New.  Fresh.  Alive. 

Death of something is not the end when we trust ourselves, our very souls, to the One who created them in the first place.  It wasn't the end on that Friday long, long ago.  And it's not the end when what is entrusted to Him faces death.  Sometimes THAT is just the beginning....because a Sunday always follows a Friday.

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