Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I told God the other day, "Lord, I want to be reckless for you".  Yeah.....and the things He has asked me of late have pushed me quite far out of my comfort zone.  So in the midst of this great storm ragining around me, I really started thinking of how much He is reckless in His love and pusuit of me.  He is quite reckless in what He is willing to do to get my attention, pull me close to Himself, show me how much He loves me and mold me into the girl He has called me to be.  And it is PAINFUL.  But you know, He is not all that concerned about my brief discomfort.  His recklesness in my life, when I submit and humble myself under His hand, is nothing short of amazing. 

How does He bring one child to the brink of utter destruction, just close enough so that her will is broken enough to draw her to Himself, but not destroy her? And in doing this all the while He knows, this will be the catalyst to draw another child to Him....that swirling thought will not leave my head.  Because that's how He works.  Through our pain and brokeness, others see, not a perfect person, but a flawed one, that God can show His strength through. 

And as I sit here, all these promises He keeps whispering to my heart....and I can't even begin to see the way......I want to be reckless for Him...I want to be the hands and feet that run or even crawl to get to that person who may be thinking that there is no hope.  Because if He can take me and my big messes and bring such beauty out of it, there is hope.  Hope for all of us.

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