Saturday, February 9, 2013

When Words Aren't Enough

My beautiful children are on my heart tonight.  As I look back over the years I see so many things that I could have done differently, that I could have done better.  Yet these amazing human beings came out of what was at times, hard circumstances.  I wanted better for them, more than what I had.  Truly, they have had a far better childhood than I did.  But their life has not been without heartache and tragedy.  And tonight I'm thinking that perhaps it's ok.  You see it's not about the absence of trials, it's how we deal with them.  Who do we turn to?

In this past year I have come to a very real and life changing understanding.  The older they are, the more they watch you.  And let me say, it is not enought to TELL your children what you believe.  God expects us to LIVE it.  And so do they.  That has become something God has shown me over the last few months.  They see how I react, see how I handle things, listen to my words and then they form life changing opinions....about themselves, about God, about His Word and about me. 

To see the fruition of what God asked me to do in my childrens lives has been one of the most precious gifts He has ever given me.  You can give advice, you can tell them right and wrong, and they can argue and say no way!!  But then the day comes.....and you see it.  HIM in their decisons, HIM in their words HIM in their choices.  And I am humbled.  And I am grateful.  And I am so blessed that God is so loving that He can take me and my hot mess self and use all my failures to mold some AMAZING young adults.  Tonight I am thankful.  Tonight my heart is full.  Thank You Lord for these beautiful children.

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