Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Road Less Traveled...

As I sat today wondering choice, one decision...could impact so many.  One choice, cause so much devestation and break hearts and rip lives apart and make one wonder at times if God is truly there.  The pain that overshadowed me felt almost too much to bear.

In that moment He reminded choice, one the same circumstance, yet in a different direction, running to Him instead of from Him, has brought healing and wholeness and renewed faith and even brought people to know Him. 

Same circumstance.  Two people.  Two Roads.  One running to Him, one running away from Him.I don't have many words today.  Just the knowledge deep down in my heart that He's there.  He hears.  He sees the tears, feels our hurts and will bring beauty out of these ashes of a life that was.  Giving a hope and a promise of a better life to come.  I'm praying that for me.  I'm praying that for you.

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