Monday, June 3, 2013

Just Around The Corner

It sits there.  Cleared.  Empty.  Flat.  This was the completed demolition of the building that I watched.  The destruction of what was, the unearthing of things that set below the surface, big chunks of what used to be crushed and hauled away.  Little by little....until one day, this was all that was left.  Cleared.  Leveled.  Solid. Now all the things that were used to do the job have gone.  I drove past again today.  Still empty.  Still just there.  Waiting.  Today it rained.  It smoothed the flat, barren earth down.  I saw the beautiful oak trees bordering it, the grass surrounding it.  Waiting.  Like me.  A firm foundation He has set in my heart.  And now I wait.  For the Architect.  For the Contractor.  For the Builder. For what will day.

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