Sunday, May 4, 2014

5 Minute Friday - Mess

Joining Lisa J and the girls for 5 Minute Friday.  No edits, no rewrites and love those that came before...
Word: MESS

Mess....I have felt like that is what my life had turned big mess.  How would I ever get past this? How would anything ever be okay again?  How would I keep putting one foot in front of the other.  And that was where I started from.  Everything ripped up and torn apart, one big fat pile of mess.  Yesterday as I looked around in the yard I feared would overtake me and my sanity, I was amazed.  All the brush and mountains of dirt and trees and waste that sat for TWO YEARS....gone.  In one week.  Gone.  Beautiful flat, clear solid ground set in its place.  Never dreamed it would look like this.  My girl bounced out the on her big girl her car..that she recieved as a graduation gift.  Better than we ever dreamed or imagined....there it is.  And she prepares to go to college and do brave new things and my boy, he's growing and changing too and as I work in this space that sometimes causes me headache, I am reminded, when He's in it, even if it seems like the most impossible of messes......what we end up with is never what we thought we would.  It's way better.  Thankful.


  1. Oh, how I hear you! It sounds like we are in the same season of life! My son graduated last year and moved away. My daughter just got her driver's license last weekend. It's amazing how God makes all things new! Visiting from FMF!

  2. Isn't it awesome how God can take a mess and make something so beautiful from it? Love it. :) Keeping you in my prayers, sweet friend, in the coming months. (((hugs)))