Wednesday, May 21, 2014


So many gathered on the day my girl was born. So many. My room was never empty for four whole days. And it seemed crazy that I was given this tiny human being that was dependant on me to keep her alive and thriving. What did I know about being a mom anyways? I sat in the same room I am sitting in now, looking out the window thinking "really God, I know I wanted this child, but why did You actually give her to ME? I can't do this!!" And 17 years later I am amazed that I did indeed do this. I managed to feed, care for and educate this amazing young woman that is my girl :) and Tuesday night was a celebration of all the years of her hard work. It took so many people to get my girl to this place. So many that lover her too were there to watch her be born into the next chapter of her life. She would not be the person she is without all of them and all of the experiences her 17 years have seen. She has seen trials and rough roads, pockets of beautiful and God's grace. And I am reminded that I have never seen my children forsaken. I have never seen my children in want. I have seen the favor of The Lord upon them time and time again. It does not mean that their lives have been free from hardships, quite the opposite, but God has never left or forsaken any of us. And that is the greatest gift and my most desperate prayer. That they continue to walk in His ways all their lives. Thankful. 

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