Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lift Your Eyes

My redemption came the moment I fell. And that moment came, when, for the briefest window of time, He let go of my hand and allowed the weight of my burden and chains to fall squarely on my shoulders....and I collapsed under the weight of something I could not bear. The letting go forced me to fall. But that fall allowed those bindings to snap, to let loose those chains that held me ever so tight. And before I could take my next breath, He held me. It was in the breaking that freedom truly came. In death, that life could finally begin. In losing it all, that I could find what I was truly meant to have. 
This was the deepest, darkest, hardest day of my life. Period. And it was just the beginning of a journey. And today maybe you feel like that too. Let me just encourage you to take that breath, whisper that prayer, take that step, whatever it is. You will fall, you will fail, you will get hurt, you will give all you have and be told that isn't nearly enough....but you will make it, yes. He will not leave you to fight this on your own. And they say "simply trust and obey" yet I know that there is nothing simple when we say YES to our God. No, nothing simple indeed. But I can promise you, yes I can, when you lift your eyes off that floor, that yes to God will be worth it. Just. Don't. Quit. Thankful.


  1. Yes! Simple yes's. Hard yes's. Complicated ones too. May they all be used for His great glory and may they bring His tender work into our lives.

  2. Agreed!! Hope you are doing okay!!