Sunday, October 26, 2014

31 Days - Day 25

It's the Saturday that happenes twice a year. It's the day two and a half years ago that wrecked me. It's the day that same year I couldn't bare to be a part of, because what was my life seemed like it was over. Like it was dead. It's was the Saturday that last year, I went back, even though I did it afraid. Because I was going as just me. No strings attached. I was making my own way. It was the Saturday I looked forward to this past spring. And also the day I did something else brand new that I had never done before. Yes. This day seems to hold more than just memories. It's a reminder of old made new. That you can come back. That it can be different, but somehow better than it ever was. This Saturday found me happy. Settled. Hopeful. Changed. Thankful. 

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