Tuesday, October 28, 2014

31 Days - Day 27

When I was little I remember in the night I would wake up with horrible leg cramps. I couldn't be still. I would toss and turn from the pain. Finally in tears, I would go wake my mom up and tell her I was hurting. She would get the afghan blanket off the couch, wrap my legs in it, sticker under the covers with her and hold me close. Be still...she would say to me. Let the warmth sink in. And I would fight it for the longest time. Then I would settle. And sleep would finally come. Ya how I feel these days. Growing pains again. And be still seems to be the answer yet again. And there are times that I can't settle. That the pain presses in and I make it worse by all the movement. I'm praying for calm, to be wrapped up in that peace yet again. Thankful. 

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