Sunday, October 26, 2014

31 Days - Day 26

It's one of those things you see, and it sticks.  It just opens up so many answers to so many whys....He can't work through us if we can't love.  Yes.  It was His love for us that brought Him to the place of dying.  He said I was worth it.  He said you are too.  So if His love can't break us wide open then how can we ever be used by Him?  If I can't learn to love through the hard, I really don't know how to love in the good.  If I can't love Him the most, then what am I setting in His place?  I keep handing it all to Him.  All of it.  It has taken the deepest grief, the most grievous loss, the most humiliating of circumstance, the humbling that laid me low...all of this to let me grasp the one simple truth that He whispered when I told Him I didn't understand.  Why now?  And the song that ran through my mind said it.... All You ever wanted was my heart..  You didn't want for it to take all those things to get my attention, but it did.  You didn't want to see me hurt, but it served a greater purpose, You had no intentions of it destroying me, but the idols set in the place of the One Who wants first place in my heart.  It taught me to love You more.  It taught me to truly love period.  It taught me that love makes us do the hard work no matter the cost.  My heart in Your Hands makes me able.  Thankful.

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