Saturday, January 5, 2013

And I Run.....

I'm a runner.  I run.  I've run in different ways my entire life.  Away from things that were hard, then into the arms of God.  Away from His will for my life and down my own path, then right back to Him again.  I'm also a runner in the physical sense.  I run for me.  I run for a purpose.  I run for results. I run because I have become conditioned to do so.  And I have become strong.

This past year found me running in ways I never dreamed.  A year ago, my entire world crashed to the ground.  As I cried out to God I realized I had actually been running back into His arms when the bottom fell out.  I had a choice.  To run away or run to.  And so began my most painful and amazing journey. 

When I run, the first few miles find me trying to find any way possible to stop or get out of it.  The same has been true of this jounrey of mine.  But then I settle and I breathe and my legs feel the strength that they have and I know I can continue.  When I get to the end and I look back, I am never sorry I didn't stop.  Never sorry I choose the hills.  And when I look back at this year, I'm not sorry I didn't quit and I'm not sorry God chose this path for me because I have to believe the outcome, the ending will be nothing short of amazing.

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