Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hand To The Plow

He showed me today, that first cut, that first moment, when He began to till the soil of my depserate heart.  Dry, cracked, dead....who would ever believe that something could live here, could come up from this ground.  I believe I could tell you the exact second He struck that first blow.  It literally dropped me to my knees.  And it wounded and it hurt and it broke apart everything I was.  It was the beginning.  And even on the days I felt like I was being wounded over and over, nothing remained of what once was before, slowly the ground of my heart began to soften slowly He planted His word deep in the soil of my heart.

And then it began to grow.

And He's whipsering to me what He has said for so long.  What seems completely impossible...but you reap...your harvest...what you sow.  If you plant a potato, you get a potato.  If you sow God's word into your life and into your heart, why, why , why, would I believe He would give me anything other than what He planted?? 

So I'm taking that chance, believing against all odds....He is who He says He is. 



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