Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Book Review: You're Loved No Matter What

It's hard most days to truly let that truth sink in....He loves you, no matter what..... those are hard believed words for perfection and performance driven girls like me.  When we take a look inside of who we are, who He is creating us to be, we can see His love and grace and mercy.  And when we grasp that concept, then we are able to in turn live a life that looks to showing others His love.  When we can let go of the fear that drives us and remember that there is nothing we can do to make Him love us anymore, then there is freedom. Holly's encouraging spirit and gentle words teach us how to navigate the path to really understanding what her title whispers to our hearts...*You're Love No Matter What.

* A copy of this book was graciously provided to me for my review

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