Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I feel like the girl who just wanted cake. Just cake. And instead I have gotten everything but. Good things, nourishing things, healthy things, filling things. But I am lamenting about the cake. I can't get my mind off the thing I feel was out of my reach. And why does everyone else get to have cake while I have to eat healthy? A very ungrateful, bratty me has surfaced lately. And I can't push it aside. I need to acknowledge it. To deal with it. To learn from it. 

These were my words a few days ago. It came after a tough week. Harder than I have experienced in quite a while. A week that laid me flat, exposed every weakness and made me come face to face with pretty much every fear and every flaw....yeah. You have things come into your life that are life changing. Perspective changing. And sometimes God has to pull back and break down all the walls and pretenses to get you there. So you can see what He means for you to see. So it can change you. Again. Thankful. 

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