Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's Not Over

It's the end of another week. One I was facing with apprehension. One I was sad and glad to see go. One filled with pain and the not so great. But one that ended with walking through another door. New doors are scary. I don't have one single answer. Not one. I just hear Him say this is the way...and the facade of control goes out the window. And the panic rises in me like I can't express. Yard work and heavy appliance scrubbing commence. Until I'm exhausted. Until the fear shuts me down. Because sometimes you have to let it run a course. And wake up the next day and keep going. Because you did, after all, wake up. Which means you have a purpose and He has a plan. "God can do anything you know, far greater than we ever hope or imagine......" Love the Message version of Ephesians 3:20. I keep saying it over and over. He can.  Thankful. 

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