Saturday, March 14, 2015

On Races and Such

I was super anxious...shocker, I know. But seems like everything is just being shaken up and revisited these days. She wanted to do it, my girl. This run. This run that started it all. 5 years ago, when just 6 months earlier God sent me in a direction. That would find me right here today. Right here. I had no idea. 

I needed to challenge myself. My sister in law was doing it. So I thought maybe it might be a good way for me to encourage myself to keep moving forward. I wanted to run, to be a runner. It just felt like an impossible dream. So I signed up. Who's doing it with you?  Just me I told him. No way he said. We will do it together. So we did. And it was our thing. 

In 2012, this run fell just weeks after my world had crumbled. And I did it mostly to prove to myself I could stand up. I could make it through this...all of this I was facing. And I did it. And I haven't been back since. Until today. 

And I was hesitant. There are a decade worth of memories filling those streets, that place, that air. But I was surrounded by a cloud of witness. All of them. My people. I wasn't alone. I am not the same. And it's time to begin again. 

This was my girls second race. My boys first. And the thing that began in me has spread. And I see them growing in ability and confidence. And it makes my heart happy. Happy. It's just never about you, what He starts. He wants to use it to touch others, to start a fire, to change lives. And I feared, I did. But it left when the music startes and I did what I do. Just move. Keep going forward. You will get there. And remeber to take as many people with you as you can. Thankful. 

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