Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Brave.  It's this word that keeps coming over and over.  It's this thing I know I need to be and need to do.  It means going, turning, moving in a different direction.  And the unknown of that scares me.  Because it is the exact opposite of how I feel this should work.  But how often that is the case anyways.  I was brave before. What made me choose it?  To go against all that looked to be the way to go...how did I know?  I didn't.  It's just I could not shake the deep down belief that it was the only way.  The only way.  It was a step towards my faith and away from all that was comfort.  It was a step to what I wanted, only I had no idea how that was actually going to turn out.  So finding myself here at this place I keep wondering how do I know this is the way, that this is the way I should go?  It's the knowing where you belong, where home is, that allows you to be brave. It let's you step out, set sail all the while knowing you have a place. Home never leaves you, even when it is you who leave home. Whether you are stepping out, staying put, leaving for a year....or maybe three...home is the place you circle back round to.  Home finds you when you are lost and think that all is lost.  So home is settling in on me these days...and He's asking me to be brave.  To wave goodbye if I must for just a little, but that's ok.  All is not lost, no.  He gathers, He brings back, He restores.  Perhaps none of this can ever be if we don't let Him stretch us, reach through us to gather those far off.  Thankful.

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