Saturday, November 1, 2014

When Your Sprint Turns Into A Marathon

So I've cried more in the last 4 days than I have in a while. That used to scare me. Today I thought that maybe this is part of the sacrifice of praise. If you can be thankful when your insides are turning inside out, just maybe He's got a hold of you. Just maybe that's the sacrifice of a broken girl who is giving her last two mites. It's all I've got. And when I say that He keeps reminding me about running the half marathon.....I know, you probably want to say enough already!! But I can't help it. You see running that was never a dream of mine. I just wanted to run.I don't want to compete or race. I just want to do my own thing. My thing is finishing. So as I ran it I really had doubts I would finish. But then there is that whole not quitting gene that has surfaced in me and I knew I would somehow make it. I never dreamed it would be what it was. It was not my favorite experience. It was not my best run ever. It was not even fun really. But it was amazing. God is amazing. He uses that experience to help me walk this. He reminds me of the last part of that journey when I thought I had made the biggest mistake in doing it and even worse I didn't believe at one point in could finish. But I did. The end was the worst part and harder than the beginning. But it took the beginning to get to the end. I wanted to quit then. I want to quit now. But that girl at the end saying "don't you see the flags?!? That's it! Don't stop. Keep going!" Yeah. She keeps popping up, she does. So maybe my words are just to keep me moving. Maybe they will be a reminder for you today too. It's so much closer than we realize. Let's finish. We won't be sorry. Thankful. 

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