Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Its my word. It found me. It's a constant reminder. I need it. I have a tendency towards forgetting. As I was driving home, letting the day settle, wondering what the next few days might hold I was reminded yet again. As much as things have been up in the air for so very long, I remember. And so I began to recount all that is right. The amazing job I was blessed with this year after two and a half years of trying and the opportunities it presents to me. Health insurance for the kids and I. Our home. Our very own space that has been in our family since it was built. That I have a safe roof over my head and my own bed to crawl into each night. That my children have their own rooms. That we have a full pantry and refrigerator. That I can feed my children good food. That I had people to teach me how to be a parent. That I have stories to pass down. That I have two children and 18 years of memories with them. That I have been loved and can still love freely. That I can provide them with warm clothes and hot water and heat. That every bill is paid. That I have people to share my days with. That I am healthy and have the ability to exercise and run and move without pain or restriction. That I have things some may never gain in a lifetime. Yes, my heart is full. And I am blessed beyond measure. Thankful. 

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