Sunday, November 16, 2014

To Follow

It's Sunday. And I'm sitting in bed. Thinking of lists. Things to purchase. Things we need. Things to not forget. And I realize the peace has settled in. I realize that when I seek I find. And I also realize as I take a deep breath, letting His Word settle in deep....this sucks sooooo bad.  Yes, I am scared to death. More scared of what will happen if I don't do it His way. So just be brave. Just hold your nose and jump. Because His promises are true. Yes they are. Even when this feels like I'm heading in a way wrong direction. I'm not. Pockets of thankful and hope and expectation find a way to the surface. They keep bubbling over. I learned how to do it afraid long ago. Doesn't mean it is any easier. I just know to follow peace. To open my hands is to let go, but to prepare to recieve. Little by little. He comforts me. Thankful. 

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