Tuesday, November 11, 2014

There Is Nothing Wrong

There is nothing wrong with me. I realized that. It wasn't earth shattering or a huge revelation. It's just regardless of the bumps, the surprises, change of plans, redirections..... I'm ok. My prayer of late that just won't let me go is I want to be obedient Lord. It's not in me. Help me. And guide my steps.  And He has. Every single time. And some days it makes me squirm with fear. Other times it leaves me panicked and confused....but only for a moment. Because I remember...  I can make all the plans I want. His will always trumps mine. Always. And I can do it His way or mine. Obey or be disobedient. Do it right or do it over. But His plan wins. Obedience may not be popular or win you friends or be the path well traveled. But it's the right way. And I guess I'm tired of worrying about who gets it and who doesn't. Who accepts it and who walks away because if it. There is nothing wrong with me because I have chosen a different way. Thankful. 

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