Friday, November 14, 2014

Show Me The Way

So it has been quite the week. Ups and downs and not unexpected. Sometimes you have to keep opening up your hands, letting it go. And then you breathe. Because you have done it a thousand times over it seems. Two steps forward, one step back. Wash, rinse, repeat.  This time though, it's left me a little tired. A little over it. And little wondering if this is pointless and will it ever end? And so I talk it out with the One Who knows it all....the real story. The deep down frustration that comes from this waiting. I pray and pray and question and ask and rant and pray some more and give up and hand it over and wonder am I doing this right Lord? Is this really the way because I'm terrified and every step feels so unsure and all I can do is cry out to You and hang on for dear life.....yes indeed baby girl, yes indeed. Because what if that is exactly what happens when we are going the right way? We can't do it on our own for one second, no. So as we cling to You and cry out and pray and seek, well then, that certainly is right. Because the wrong way never felt wrong until we hit the dead end       The wrong way never requires asking Your for guidance. No. Maybe all this struggle is what is heading me right in the direction I'm supposed to be going. Right decisions aren't without fear and hard work and sacrifice. But in the midst of that, there is always peace. And the command to love is still His way. Thankful. 

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